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What's Reditum(Prototype)?

Reditum is a point & click that let you travel in colorful interactive illustrations bounded with musics.

You are the warden of one of the suns for the planet. Your role is to bring light all around the world and see what's happening to the environment and the people living there.You can explore and discover the different actions you can perform with the citizens and other living beings.

This game is a graduation project - ESA St-Luc Brussels / Bachelor Degree in Digital Art

Configuration required

No specific configuration is required to try this game! Builds are available on Windows, MacOs and Linux.

Who are we?

We're 3 students working on this app as a third-grade school project for ESA Saint-Luc, based in Brussels.

Ennio Dal Farra : concept,  game design, environment design, characters design, animation and colors

Katherini Skarpalezos : animations & colors

Noe Narcisse ( Kvall ) : programming & marketing 

Special thanks to

Gaëtan Lourmiere for the sound design

Timothée Sinagra for the musics

Known issues

- Sometimes the characters won't show up when you try to speak to them.

- The Space monkey in the third part of the game is bigger than his normal size on some devices

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorNoe N
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityOne button, Textless

Install instructions

Just download what you need and play the game. That's easy right?

For Android users, you might have to check out how to start a game with the unknown sources option.


Reditum Windows 86 MB
Reditum MacOS 101 MB
Reditum Linux 102 MB
Reditum Android 92 MB

Development log


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Amazing job, i must say. If you could do full release game, i will be one of many that will paid for this (if you approached the game design like amarita design ((machinarium / botanicula). GG.

Thanks, glad you liked it ! We are actually working on a full release, that needed reshaping a bit. There will be more lands to discover and characters to interact with.

And yeah, amanita design is a huge reference for us, but we will hopefully make something with our own style.  

It is cool if we can count on you and many more to back us up when we will be ready to reach out for funds 😉


This game is an amazing 'trip'

We are happy you enjoyed the trip.
It's indeed in developement, there you got just a glimpse of that universe. Hopefully we will ship the full version one day .
You can follow us here : https://apophenia-23.itch.io/ 
Nice voice acting btw ;-)  

Damn this game is so beautiful, strange and mystical. The developers clearly have this world fleshed out in their heads as it's so consistent and interesting.

To be honest reading the description I think I missed something as all I did was talk to the characters and go around the world once.

If it had more interaction/exploration elements and a clear defined goal + some more lands to explore i'd definitely buy this as a full game.

Hi coughe. It is a pleasure to read that, thank you ! 
Did you play this version ? :  https://apophenia-23.itch.io/reditum 
There isn't much more interactions or clues about the lore of the game but it is way fancier ;-) !

It is only  5% of the full game I thought i would be able to make during the graduation year of my school. Haha, I was way too ambitious for a first game ..
We are working on getting funds and skills to make it a full product that can be sold one day . Just starting though, but we gonna post updates and all on the FB page and if you follow Apophenia 23 (that is the name of the studio who is gonna work on it), we gonna slowly build a community and hopefully release the intended final product when it is done.
And it will be filled with interactions, animations, landscapes, peoples, flora and fauna, stories and a deeper meaning.

Very happy you like it the way it is already, and thank you for the nice comments, it is really helping us to keep faith in the project !

SUN STROKE ME HARD ! | Reditum Full Gameplay Walkthrough

I gave this a go, because it looks great. It almost reminds me of fantastical worlds in children's books with the way it looks. I don't think I really understood it though - people talked to me about stuff, but I don't know if I actually did anything. I liked the music though.

I've added a link to my video, in case anyone wants to see some more in-the-moment thoughts.

Thanks man, we are glad you enjoyed it. It is not the updated version tho. As for for any meaning to grasp from travelling around that world and talking to people about the sun's effect, well, they are just stating something obvious, but it's a mean to see them up close, and to make sure players get that you are the warden of the sun ^^. If you liked it, please try the updated version, it is nicer in many way ;-)

One of the five games selected for this video. Enjoy ! 

nice ! not the final version tho, but nice !

Great atmosphere: visuals + music. +1 for character designs.

thank you man, you should play it now, The atmosphere is changing everytime you make a turn ;-)

This is an amazing game, I'm really looking forward to the next installment and am planning to show that one off as well. Here is my playthrough for you guys to see if you're interested. Nik <3

Thank you Nikiety. It feel good to watch peoples enjoying our game and being interested in deciphering the meaning of it . Next update, soon, somes things will be clearer maybe. If you are keen on a doing fourth world tour ^^

Sooooo I broke it.... 

Hahaha, pretty funny. And a very interesting bug we've never seen before ^^

I'm good at breaking things!

Hello! I loved your game, it was wonderfully designed as well as having a nice score and unique story to it! I made a let's play of it here~


Thank you Kathryn. Glad you enjoyed it. There will be a next update soon and a facebook page if you want to follow the development of Reditum and the games we gonna do next ;-)

Awesome! Glad you guys enjoyed it. Good luck with your future projects :D


Ahh, this was like electronic meditation. Absolutely stunning to look at, and very quirky too! Looking forward to seeing more from you amazing people!


Thank you Mikey ! We are very glad you enjoyed it this way, 

There will be a updated version on the 25th of june if you want to enjoy another world tour !

I think I may well take you up on that offer!

Awesome work guys! Great art style and atmosphere, as well as the music, to provide a relaxing, sooth and quite contemplative journey, a very pleasent experience :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, I'd be glad to play them as well!

Well, thank you !, It is useful feedback material :-)

Thank you for making the game, cheers!

I find that on the idland where the chicken-person talks about plants growing, if I go on to the upper balcony a red halo appears around my character, suggesting some sort of action to be done. But I clicked all around, and nothing happens. What am I not seeing?

Well, somes sprites are missing, on the second upper balcony there is a lever (that is not yet drawn and animated) that activate the "holo bridge"  downstair so you can keep walking to what's next. Sorry, we know it is not clear for now, but we are working on it. Anyway, thanks for the feedback Nezchan :-) !

I will say that I am quite impressed with what you have here, and would love to see this meditative, absorbing experience expanded with more interaction between the character and their environment. And thank you for making this available on multiple platforms. As a Linux user, I appreciate it.

Wonderful game, I love the aesthetics. The single bug/glitch I got is this:

Also, I confess I didn't have enough time: does something change after the first cycle/circuit around the islands?

In any case, a superb experience!

Thank you SPCTR ! It is a school project that was  a bit over ambitious for a first game. It is exam's time now so the teachers asked us to put it online, even tho I didn't consider it ready at all.. We got two weeks from now to fix everything and add all the others animations and polish what need to be polish. 

As for the ending.. The original concept was to make an endless experience, remove any idea of goal and purpose and make something that is only meant to be enjoyed like a illustrations book as well as a musical album (the overall very relaxing and playable by everybody) . And also based on life and travelling, meeting peoples and cultures, and on the  quote from Lao Tseu : "That is not about the destination, but the journey." . I know it might sounds pretentious but really the aim is just to please. Anyway, very glad you liked it, a better version is to be released around the 25th of june, it will be an even better experience XD !

It's really good as it is but I will definitely also play the final version 👍

Amazing looking art! Are you posting updates on any website / Twitter account? I'd love to follow the development! :)

Thank you timrodz, it means a lot ! Well for now the only thing sure is that there gonna be an updated version posted around the 25th of june. Then we will see :-)